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00730-Tals 968 Hinged Roof Car (24)

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Tals 968 Hinged Roof Car (12)

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24 German Federal Railroad (DB) type Tals 968 four-axle, high-capacity hinged roof cars. Used to transport moisture-sensitive bulk freight. Reddish brown basic paint scheme. All the cars have 2 transition platforms. 12 cars have a handbrake at one transition platform and 12 do not have a handbrake. Type 665 trucks. The cars look as they did around 1984.

The long unit trains belong to the trains that attract all the attention in the prototype as well as the models. They usually consist of a car type. For example, the “Long Henry”, is an ore train that was still pulled in the Seventies by the mighty class 043 steam locomotives. It is still remembered very well. There are also freight loads that are very sensitive to moisture and therefore they cannot be transported in cars such as the type Falns 182. Starting in 1982 Talbot thus built 140 units of a car with the designation Tals 968 for the German Federal Railroad. These cars had a hinged roof that protected the load very well, in this case salt for the chemical industry. Visually the type Tals 968 attracted notice due chiefly to its offset roof struts, which lengthened the car body in the upper area at the ends and made it look even more massive. With a weight empty of around 25 metric tons, the freight load can be a maximum of 65 metric tons. So, in the prototype with 24 cars the total load was considerable thus requiring a powerful piece of motive power. Here is where the very powerful class 151 can shine. The type Tals 968 hinged roof car not only runs in unit trains, but it can also be seen in mixed trains. Here as there it always cuts a good figure, either on a layout or in the display case.


  • Completely new tooling for the type Tals 968 hinged roof car.
  • Scale construction in 1:87.
  • Many separately applied details.
  • 24 different car numbers.
  • Ideal for unit trains.
  • Buffer height conforms to NEM.
  • Individual sale from the display.

These hinged roof cars are to scale and are detailed in their construction with many separately applied details. There are 24 different car numbers. All the cars have 2 separately applied transition platforms, and 12 cars have a brake wheel at Car End 2. The side of each car includes a step for boarding the car and boarding grab irons as well as boarding holes on the upper body. The hinged roof can be swung manually to the side. All the cars in the display are individually packaged. The buffer height on all the cars conforms to the NEM. Length over the buffers per car 14.4 cm / 5-11/16″. DC wheelset per car E700580.

The new tooling for the class 151 heavy freight electric locomotive to go with these cars can be found under item number 39132 in the Märklin H0 assortment.

A hinged roof car display with another 12 car numbers can be found in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 24968 along with information about the necessary AC wheelsets.


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