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66010-Universal Platform, (3)

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Universal Platform, 3 pieces set

Each 27.1 x 8.3  cm, 1.1 cm high

The Perfect Platform!
Until now, railway modellers were bound by the prefabricated widths and lengths of the available platforms and converting plastic platforms required a lot of practice.

This is considerably easier with the NOCH Universal Platform.

It is made of special lasered cardboard, which combines two essential properties: on the one hand, it’s very stable; on the other hand, the cardboard can be easily shaped with a craft knife or scissors. Thanks to the wide base plate, platforms can also be set up in a curve radius. In order to be able to offer railway modellers with a larger track layout in the station area an affordable bulk pack, there is a new 3-piece set from NOCH. With the three enclosed Universal Platforms, longer and more diverse platforms can be custom designed.

Special Laser-Cut Adhesive is included in the kit.


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