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66020-Set Platform Ep. III/IV

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For Märklin© C-Track©, consisting of 1 piece of platform
1 piece of platform with crossing, 1 piece of each curved end for radius (R2) 437 mm, left and right

The Perfect C-Track Platform!
Platform System for MÄRKLIN® C-Track® Made of Structured Hard Foam
With the new platform system made of the well-known NOCH Structured Hard Foam, we offer fans of MÄRKLIN® C-Track® a perfect and at the same time very simple method for building realistic platforms. The platforms are ideally suited to all era III and IV railway layouts.

The system consists of four components:

Straight Platform, 18 cm long
Straight Platform with Crossing, 18 cm long
Straight Platform Ends (two pieces), each 12 cm long
Platform End (Left) and Platform End (Right), each 12 cm long
By combining these elements, all conceivable platform layouts can be built in a model:

On the one hand, the hard foam platforms can be installed in instances where there is sufficient space for long, straight platforms.

On the other hand, the platforms are also suitable for when short platforms that reach as far as possible to the points are required. For this assembly situation, we also offer the set “Platform Era III – IV Set (4-Part)”, which contains all the necessary elements for a short platform.

The platforms are handpainted finished models made of the well-known NOCH Structured Hard Foam. Thanks to the special properties of this material, the platforms are easy to rework. For example, they can be shortened with a backsaw or a Stanley knife. NOCH Landscaping Paints are perfect for subsequent colouring.


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