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66806-Laser-Cut Set “In the Forest”


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Laser-Cut Decoration Set “In the Forest”

1 x Forest Lodge, 1 x Raised Hide, 1 x Cratch

Enjoying the Peace Among Dense Trees
The NOCH Laser-Cut Decoration Set “In the Forest” is ideal for recreating lovely, true-to-original forest scenes. There’s a lot going on in the forest! Forest animals like roe deer, deer, wild boar, birds and hare seek shelter among the dense trees. Who knows what’s lurking around the next corner… Humans go for a stroll and try to let their thoughts wander. You can really switch off in nature amid tall fir and spruce trees.
Foresters ensure that the trees are well-tended and that everything is in order. When the lumberjacks come, it will probably get loud in the otherwise quiet forest. Old trees have to be felled so that young plants have enough room to grow. Even a forest needs to be nurtured.

Recreate realistic forest scenes on a model layout with the Laser-Cut Decoration Set “In the Forest” and introduce a harmonious atmosphere.

Note: The Laser-Cut kit comes with a matching Laser-Cut special Adhesive


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