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66811-Set “Right & Left Along Tracks”


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1 x Wooden Plank Crossing, 1 x Signal Box, 1 x Milestones

A Well-Kept Track Environment Is the Name of the Game
The NOCH Laser-Cut Decoration Set “Right & Left Along the Tracks” is excellent for recreating a track scene on a model diorama even more realistically and in keeping with reality. The work next to the tracks should not be underestimated.
Designing the vegetation on both sides of the tracks is certainly one of the most challenging projects in model landscaping, for that is where vegetation is particularly abundant and correspondingly where many different products are used.

Whether it’s tall grass, dense bushes or other vegetation, realistic design is necessary here so that the environment next to the tracks conveys a lifelike picture. Recreate real nature scenes with the Laser-Cut Decoration Set “Right & Left Along the Tracks”.

Note: The Laser-Cut kit comes with a matching Laser-Cut special Adhesive


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