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67023-Truss Approach Bridge


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Without bridgeheads, single-track truss approach
Two models can be built next to each other for double-track routes.

Obtain Realistic Landscape Scenes!
H0 Laser-Cut Bridge Kit System
The bridge system developed by NOCH combines the product advantages of laser-cut and hard foam parts. All of the H0-gauge bridge kits shown on the previous pages can be combined with one another so that exemplary bridge constructions can be put together.

So, for example, you can combine the Fish Belly Bridges with the short Truss Approach Bridges, build several Box Girder Bridges one behind the other or create an attractive ramp with the help of the Bridge Tracks.

The Bridge Pier is required to combine several bridges. This is made of hard foam and can be cut to the correct size (e.g. with a hand saw) very easily. There’s no limit to your imagination when combining and designing bridges, as many of the Laser-Cut Bridges currently available in the NOCH range can also be combined with the system.

The Steel Bridge can thus be used as a Truss Approach Bridge, for instance. Bridge pier adapter pieces are required when combining certain bridges.

With the “Truss Approach Bridge”, you’ll have exactly the right bridge when it comes to recreating a realistic nature scene. The “Truss Approach Bridge” is a real eyecatcher on any model landscape and can be installed in a highly customised way. Whether on slopes, mountains, valleys or other natural features, you can use the “Truss Approach Bridge” on your diorama according to your own ideas.

Note: you’ll need bridgeheads for bridges with a beam if you want to combine the truss approach bridge with a bridge without a beam in order to integrate the entire construction into the landscape on the right and the left. The Laser-Cut kit comes with a matching Laser-Cut special Adhesive



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