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67024-Bridge Deck, straight


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With bridgeheads

True Works of Art in Miniature
Bridges from NOCH enhance the attractiveness of every model railway layout. They can also be used in a variety of ways; for example, to traverse inclines, rivers and valleys. The “Bridge Track, Straight” is probably the most common and widespread bridge in a railway landscape. The model railway makes its way across the bridge to get over rivers, slopes and other natural features safely. Get the “Bridge Track, Straight” for a real eyecatcher on any idyllic landscape scene.

NOCH Laser-Cut Bridges are not just beautiful but also stable. The statics of the filigree laser parts therefore follows the same principles as those of their large paragons. This creates small steel construction works of art that are ideally suited for use in your model landscape.

A suitable Laser-Cut Adhesive is included with all Laser-Cut Bridges kits.

Note: this bridge is designed for single-track railway lines. Two bridges can be built next to each other for double-track train operation. This Laser-Cut Bridge can be combined with the Stone Wall PROFI plus Series.


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