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13014-H0 DEMAG AC 665 telescopic cr

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H0 DEMAG AC 665 telescopic cr

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Kit. Prototype data: 6-axle, 8-cylinder DAIMLER-BENZ diesel engine OM 442 LA with 405 kW/550 HP, max. lifting capacity 250 t, boom length 58 m. This model is a mobile crane with newest technology for lifting operations up to 250 t. With its 6-axle drive and a high speed of 70 km/h it is accordingly manoeuvrable. With a 4-fold telescopic mast for lifting heights up to 58 m. With superlift facility to increase the lifting capacity. Dimensions: Driving position L 21 x W 4 x H 5 cm, extended L 19 x W 14 X H 59

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