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39425-NS ICM-1 “Koploper” Electric Rail Car Train

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NS ICM-1 “Koploper” Electric Rail Car Train

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The NS class ICM (InterCityMaterieel) is an electric powered rail car for fast, comfortable intercity service. They are popularly called “Koploper” (literally “Kopfläufer” / “Head Runner”) due to the corridor connections at the ends of the cars. The cab is located in a panorama cupola above the corridor connection, which gives these cars a very brawny look as typical for the Netherlands as Dutch cheese and from Märklin as “Hoek van Holland”. By 2005, it was possible to change from one part of the train to another during a trip. In 1983, Talbot began regular production in Aachen of a three-part powered rail car, designated as ICM-1, road numbers 4011-4050. Starting with road number 4051, the class designation changed to ICM-2. Starting in 1990, the ICM was delivered as a four-part unit (previously three-part units) (classes ICM-3 and ICM-4). The prototype of the 39425 model corresponds to the use of Koploper road number 4015 in 1987 as Eurocity 67 “Admiraal de Ruyter” Amsterdam – London for the route in the Netherlands to Hoek van Holland.

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