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40851-Rheingold Set “Tin-Plate”

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“Tin-Plate” Rheingold Car Set

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Prototype: 4 different German Federal Railroad (DB) four-axle TEE passenger cars. TEE paint scheme of crimson/ivory. 1 type Ap4üm-62 TEE open seating car, 1st class. 1 type WR4üm-64 TEE dining car. 1 type AD4üm-62 TEE vista dome car, 1st class. 1 type Av4üm-62 TEE compartment car, 1st class with marker lights. The cars look as they did around 1965.


  • The prototype is the Rheingold cars of 1965 in the classic TEE paint scheme.
  • All cars in the “Tin-Plate” version constructed of metal.
  • Train route Hoek van Holland – Geneva Central Station or Milan Central Station.
  • The car set to go with the Dutch State Railways (NS) class 1100 electric locomotive.

 All the cars have Relex couplers and rubber bead diaphragms. Train destination signs are imprinted on the cars. The cars have different car numbers. The compartment car has factory-installed marker lights. Each car is individually packaged in a marked box, which is based on the historic packaging design of that time. There is also a master package.
Length over the buffers per car 24 cm / 9-7/16″.

The class 1100 electric locomotive to go with these cars can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 30130.

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