"The TrainYard"

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A Well-Tended Garden!

Seven figures as well as various work utensils and tools for gardening are included in the Figures Set for H0 gauge. A man with a balding head and beard is wearing a T-shirt and long trousers and pushing the lawnmower. A woman with a headscarf, dungarees and wellington boots is knuckling down to work with an electric hedge trimmer. The man with a hat on and with a shovel is digging a hole in the ground while another woman with plaits and an apron sweeps up leaves with a broom. Also included is a young man pushing a wheelbarrow in which a boy is sitting with both hands raised in delight and laughing happily. Another man in a hat is holding a watering can in his right hand to water the freshly planted seeds that the woman beside him is planting.

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