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16200-Themed Set “Barbecue”


Themed Set “Barbecue”

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Themed Figures Sets “Barbecue Party”

5 Figures, 1 Dog, 2 Kettle Barbecues, 1 Gas Barbecue, 1 Barbecue Smoker, 1 Beer Barrel, 1 Beer Table, 2 Beer Benches, 2 Camping Chairs, 1 Camping Table, 1 Beer Crate (Empty)

Go for It… Whack on the Barbecue!
NOCH Themes has new Themed Figures that are ideally suited to making a summer landscape even more realistic. Themed Figures “Barbecue Party” has everything to make a nice barbecue evening with friends really cosy. 2 large kettle barbecues are ready to cook juicy meat and fresh vegetables until they’re crispy. The beer tables, camping tables with beer benches and camping chairs are ready and allow all the guests to sit comfortably together. The beer bottles are chilled, and nothing now stands in the way of a great summer evening with food, drinks and friends. This great experience should not be missing from any model landscape – a good atmosphere is guaranteed!

No sooner is the weather better in the spring and the nights longer and warmer than we dig out our barbecues from the cellar. We buy charcoal, gas, grillables and drinks and get ready to barbecue. Dad is happy to stand with a beer next to the barbecue on the pretext that »I have to watch the food«. That gives him the perfect excuse to avoid any planned household tasks. Now friends are invited, and you get cosy sitting on the terrace or balcony together with sausages, steak and wine and enjoy the balmy summer night!


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