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16201-Theme Set “Camping”


Theme Set “Camping”

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4 Figures, 1 Campfire, 2 Rucksacks, 1 Ridge Tent, 1 Igloo Tent, 1 Camping Table, 2 Camping Chairs (Unfolded), 1 Camping Chair (Folded), 2 Signposts, 1 Beer Crate, 1 Stone Well, 1 Wooden Well

Themed Figures Set “Camping”
At NOCH there are great themed worlds that are ideal for making a summer landscape even more realistic. The figure theme world “Camping” has everything you need to spend a great camping weekend with friends and to make the summer evening really cosy. Tents in various designs, such as the classic tent and the igloo tent, are not to be missed. Camping table and chairs make the cosy round perfect and let the friends be together. A good mood in summer is pre-programmed and should not be missing on a summer landscape!

Summertime is holiday time! And where else can you enjoy it more than while camping? Whether it’s at a beautiful lake in Southern Europe or in the mountains, on a luxurious campsite or completely alone and independent in the Outback: having your own tent with a campfire and a bottle of beer in your hand – that’s true freedom! When camping, you can live for the moment, enjoy yourself and just let yourself unwind in nature.

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