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16226-Theme Set “Fruit Stall”


Theme Set “Fruit Stall”

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1 “Fruit Seller Froni” figure, 4 figures,1 fruit barrow with roof and wheels, 1 market table with fruit, 4 baskets of fruit

Fresh Fruit Keeps Everyone Fit and Healthy!
The perfect weekly market!

H0 Themed Figures

The weekly market: a relic from the good old days and yet, in the times of ‘buy local’, as relevant as ever. Is there anything nicer than a town square with a colourful market? Enticing smells, sweet fruits, fresh vegetables, an ice cream for the kids and a coffee for the parents. Design your own perfect little world with the six new Themed Figures Sets. Each theme world contains figures and extensive, finely detailed accessories that allow you to design your favourite scenes in your model world! All parts are intricately painted by hand and enhance every model landscape!

Themed Figures “Fruit Stall”

Crunchy red and green apples, bright red strawberries, shiny yellow lemons and juicily plump oranges. Nature creates the most beautiful colours and shapes. All of these tempting fruits are presented in a fruit barrow, on a table and in baskets. Fruit grower and seller Froni is very busy. Customers admire the magnificent display and wait patiently for their turn.

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