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66903-Chapel “St John of Nepomuk”


Chapel “St John of Nepomuk”

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6.4 x 4.5 cm, 9.6 cm high (without cross)

There’s Music in the Air!

Whether during a piano concert or in the small chapel, you’re guaranteed to find peace here. Listen to the wonderful sounds and let yourself be carried off into a dream world. The small but very ingeniously detailed Chapel “St John of Nepomuk” can be placed anywhere. Whether it’s in a small town or on the edge of a hiking trail in the mountains, the beautiful little church always cuts a fine figure! When the weather is nice, people are drawn outside for a long hike with their loved ones through the forests, valleys and mountains. A short break at the Chapel “St John of Nepomuk” is a must! Here, you can have a rest and recharge your batteries for the descent. Provide a real eyecatcher on your model layout with the Chapel “St John of Nepomuk” and skilfully draw attention to the Laser-Cut Kit.

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