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The new ICE4… the “Psst”

ICE 4 is a brand name for long-distance Intercity-Express high-speed trains being procured for Deutsche Bahn.

Procurement started around 2008 for replacements for locomotive-hauled InterCity and EuroCity train services, and was later expanded to include replacements for ICE 1 and ICE 2 high-speed trainsets.
In 2011 Siemens Mobility was awarded the contract for 130 seven-car intercity train replacements, and 90 ten-car ICE train replacements, plus further options – the contract for the ten-car sets was modified in 2013 to expand the trainset length to twelve vehicles.
The name ICx was used for the trains during the initial stages of the procurement; in late 2015 the trains were rebranded ‘ICE 4’, at the unveiling of the first train set, and given the class designation 412 by Deutsche Bahn.

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